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Welcome to WowSunday.com! We are here to make you experience and buy the best equipment in the world of sports.

Every time you come across some new product, you certainly want some advice or however want to know the opinion of the people, who have already used it at least once; that is your right and a normal human behavior. Today there are thousands of websites that provide you a platform to know about a specific product but here at WowSunday.com you will be able not only to get an idea from the reviews of previous users but also a complete description of the equipment that is related to sports and outdoor activities.

WowSunday.com was originated in 2016 after realizing that in the presence of lots of available options it is really difficult for someone especially a beginner to make the best purchase. So we set our goal clear i.e. “To make the sports related big purchases easy and minimize the risk associated with investment of money”. To accomplish our mission, we then built a community to continually visit multiple places to gather all the concerned, updated and right information to present an inclusive research that can facilitate the visitors well and get trusted views.

You may feel need to concern your family and friends in order to follow your passion in some sport with a right and great sport equipment, who may be unavailable sometimes; so WowSunday.com is here for you all the time now to facilitate you with an online platform that can assist you with much more ease, at just your one click. It is a distinct place where you can discover the newest and best products as we look after to update the list of descriptive products time to time; in accordance with the recommendations of influencers and trend.

We are proud to present a solution to fragmented research; whatever you want to know about a sport product, you can get here i.e. WowSunday.com is all in one. It has the honor to bring every worth knowing information into a single, easily understandable and user friendly layout so that a product’s thorough statistics can be easily accessible to everyone. Here every sport product’s description includes its introduction, manufacturers, tips & tricks that can help you best in using that product, reviews of customers who have already used that product, effectiveness and the cost details of the product. Moreover we care for the precious time of our visitors so we don’t let them move to some other website to make a deep research in order to make a comparison of different brands that are  providing the same product but with different specifications and price range; we have done this for them ourselves!  The comparison of different companies that are offering the same product is also given that is based on the specific features, offered bonuses, attached accessories, user reviews and price range of every specific brand.

So after setting our mission; How we built this engine! It mainly began with user research which helped us find out the paradigm for every category of sports equipment and resulted into a unique interface layout. We then transitioned to data collection which is an ongoing process to obtain a product’s complete information and time to time changes and ingested it to our database. These efforts may seem simple but in reality involve careful sourcing of the specifications of a product from retailers, manufacturers and reputed third parties. Finally, we began transforming all the data into user friendly format which involves a clear path to a best purchase.

Our main objectives are;

  • To introduce you with all the innovative products that are best to use for sports & outdoor activities such as compound bows for archery
  • To give you short description of all the exciting features of different sports’ equipment and the importance of those specific features
  • To make you aware of all the tips and tricks that can help you well in taking benefit of a sports equipment at its best
  • To give you a better idea about the effectiveness of the equipment in the light of reviews of the customers that have already used the product and shared their opinion
  • To give you a buying guide, this will let you know about the things that are worth considering, before going for a specific product.
  • To satisfy you describing that how a product worth your money.

We believe that it’s not fair to settle for just OK when you have lot of options in the market of sports equipment and also have the power to make a best decision; only a proper guide is needed.  So, we have set a platform in the form of WowSunday.com that provides our visitors the tools to effortlessly find the equipment they are interested in and that is well according to their requirements. Our exclusivity is that we strive to provide content that is precise and full of purpose; our editors are not influenced by advertisements or commercial considerations at any point of writing. Our goal is to avoid fake information and report the truth that what manufacturers, experts and users have said about the product and its developments.

We prefer to introduce you with the equipment that is best reviewed i.e.  Top-rated products based on experts and user reviews are selected and researched. A complete report comprising all the necessary information about the product is prepared and posted after rechecking by experts.

Furthermore, we have a belief that these are consumers who are a driving force behind every innovation; in fact they shape and change the product so we give additional value to them. We not only share our research with the public but also encourage them to share their opinion after using the product about which they got an idea after visiting our page so that our unbiased user experience can also provide retailers and manufacturers a platform to know about the consumer trends.

For more queries or information please contact us. Also feel free to give us your opinion in the comment box.

Thank you for your visits!