Best Compound Bow

Best Compound Bow

Archery is being very popular now-a-days and you can see the increased visibility of bows in movies, TV shows and even video games. Bows are powerful and compact tools that let you enjoy fun hobbies like hunting and target shooting. Talking about bows; bows are not as simple as look, their technology has been developed to a large extent in the past decade. Compound bows are being preferred more than traditional bows now and if you have a best compound bow that would be like “icing on the cake”.

But why compound bow – best compound bow!

Ever thought why you can’t shoot an arrow faster than a bow can! It is because as you draw a bow, it stores the energy in flexed limbs taking the mechanical advantage of leverage.

All traditional bows store this energy directly. More you draw a traditional bow, more energy gets transferred to the arrow on releasing, but it really becomes harder to pull.  It will shoot an arrow as faster as you want but will take your effort exactly equal to the speed. You have to hold its total draw weight in your hands.

But in a compound bow, it is not like that. Cams are placed at the end of a compound bow in the form of big wheels that create a let off at every end of the draw. Now, these cams are responsible to hold the entire weight at full draw, not you. One more advantage is that you can hold your compound bow steadier and get the time to focus on your aim for a perfect shoot, as you are not doing any physical work in form of holding draw weight.  This level of efficiency, speed and easiness allows even youngsters to get into archery.

After deciding to have a compound bow, you certainly want to have a best one. But, the availability of different types and models of bows with different features has made it very confusing to choose a right one. You may have to do a thorough research to get some guideline in order to invest your money at a right place, to get a best compound bow.  

And if you are wishing to have a best compound bow, you must have knowledge about its all parts and their working as a compound bow has many moving parts that can be intimidating for the beginners.

A short description about some important parts of a compound bow is given here so that you can understand well that what the retailers or salesmen are talking about.

  • Limbs:

Limbs are pliable planks made of fiberglass and placed at the bottom and top of the riser and attached to it.  These limbs store the energy that you generate while pulling the bowstrings back. They come in different styles like solid limbs, parallel limbs and split limbs; each one has its own characteristics.

  • Cams:

A best compound bow is characterized by the cams that are oval or round disks and are attached to the both ends of the limbs i.e. lower and upper. The maximum force needed to draw a compound bow to its full extent is draw weight and these cams make the shoot easy by mechanically manipulating the draw weight and making the compound bow to be held at full draw with a small fraction of the draw weight.

Cams also come in different types such as soft, round, hard, 1.5 hybrid and single cams; each one having its own advantages and disadvantages.  

  • Riser:

Riser holds the grip and is a middle part of the compound bow. They are typically made of carbon fibers and aluminum. Risers carry most of accessories of your bow including quiver, arrow rest, stabilizer and sight.

  • Bow string:

Bowstring launches the arrow and mostly made of the material that do not lose tension with compound bow - parts of compound bow and arrow

  • Arrow rest:

It is the place where you rest the arrow before releasing. It is also available in different types such as containment rest, drop away, pressure and shoot-through.

  • Sight and Peep Sight:

Sight is attached to riser and helps in aiming your bow same like as they do in a gun. Two kinds of sights are available; fixed pin sight (best for beginners) and pendulum pin sights. Peep sight is piece of plastic that is placed in between the bow strings; you look through peep sight and sight to aim while pulling the string back.

  • Stabilizer:

Stabilizer is not an essential element of every bow but if present helps to keep your compound bow stable during shooting.

  • Mechanical release:

Due of mechanical release, you can shoot with your best compound bow much like shooting a gun. It is a device that you wear on your wrist and hand and a little clip on it releases the string, in-spite of your fingers.

  • String vibration arrester:

In a best compound bow, a string vibration arrester is attached to the riser and closer to the bowstring.  It helps in reducing sound and vibration during shooting.

  • Cables, cable guard and cable slide:

When you pull bowstring, cables do the duty of moving the cams. A cable guard is made of fiberglass and runs perpendicular to the riser. It assists the cable slide to keep the cables out of the line of arrow’s path. Cable slide is a small piece made up of plastic.

Besides the parts, there are some important terms related to a compound bow that are worth known to select and use a best compound bow. Here is their explanation.

  • Draw length:

To get fitted for a best compound bow, draw length is the most important and very first thing to figure out. Draw length depends upon the structure of your body, saying directly it depends on the length of your arms. Not only bow, you also have a draw length, so you need to match the compound bow’s draw length to your body frame for accurate but comfortable shoots.  You can consult your instructor in this regard or can measure your wingspan on your own.

Draw length is not only important during shooting but also to determine the length of the arrows you need.

  • Draw weight:

The amount of force required to pull the bowstring back is draw weight of your compound bow, measured in pounds. Most of the compound bows have the draw weight of 40-70lbs but bows having higher than this are also available. Higher the draw weight more will be the speed of arrow and penetration ability. It’s better for beginners to start with 40lbs and slowly move to heavier ones; sacrificing the accuracy in start.

In most states hunting laws require the draw weight not less than 40lbs as less than this can give animal flesh wounds instead of killing. Draw weight of a compound bow that is used for hunting also depends upon the size of an animal; more the size more will be the minimum draw weight. Learn more about best compound bow for hunting

  • Let Off:

As described earlier, cams make a compound bow to be held at full draw with a small fraction of the draw weight.   This small fraction of draw weight is expressed as percentage and named as Let Off. While drawing a bow you have to apply the force equal to full draw weight but if there is let off then all the draw weight suddenly falls off to the let off fraction and hunting becomes easier for you. It can be 50-80% for most of the compound bows. You can choose your best compound bow with whatever Let Off you want

  • FPS:

The speed of an arrow that is released from a compound bow is expressed as feet per second (FPS). Every compound bow has a designated IBO speed which is measured according to a standard that is established by International Bow Organization. However speed is not as much important as momentum and penetration ability of an arrow, some companies misguide in this regard.

Now being familiar of the important parts of a compound bow and the related terms, you are able to judge the effectiveness of a compound bow on your own without going on the words of retailers and salesmen.

Don’t stop here! Further guide is given here to assist you in getting a best compound bow. Move below, it will certainly help you to a large extent. Make sure to complete the given steps before going to buy your best compound bow for the very first time.

  • Eye Dominance:

The very first thing to get a fit and best compound bow is to determine your dominant eye. The modern name for it is “Ocular Dominance” and it does not refer to eye sight problem. Basically its mean is that human’s brain naturally prefers optical input from one eye over the other. In simple words, your brain considers one eye’s input more true than the other one.

But the question here is that how to determine that which eye is dominant! Usually it is the same as your writing hand but cross dominance is also not uncommon. So, you don’t know yet that which one of your eyes is dominant, follow these easy steps to determine.

– Make a triangular opening with your hands by stretching them to arm length and pressing forefingers and thumbs together.

– Looking through the triangle with open eyes, center it on something like a hole in a wall.

– Close the both eyes one by one by blinking or getting the help of someone to cover.  The dominant eye will keep the hole centered in the triangle.

Thus right-eyed archers should go for a right-handed compound bow and right-eyed for a right-handed.

  • Draw Length:

The next step is to determine the draw length so that you compound bow can act as a best compound bow. Obviously, you cannot shoot accurately or take a risk of hunting if you have a compound bow that is longer or shorter than your requirement.  As described earlier, it depends on your draw length. But how to know your draw length! Follow these steps;

– Measure your wing span. For this, stand up right straight extending arms and hands to your sides forming a “T” shape.

– Get the help of a friend to measure the straight line distance from the tip of one middle finger to the other one.

– Divide this measured figure by 2.5 and that will be your draw length.

The representative person of an archery store can measure it more precisely for you, but if you are going to order for a compound bow online then you have to measure yourself.

  • Axle to Axle Length:

It is the length between the cams of a compound bow. It is important for the axle to axle length of your best compound bow to be fit for the type of hunting and shooting. It matters because a bow with longer axle to axle length can make it difficult to hunt in a single seated tree stand although it is ok if you are doing in an open course.  Typically, if the axle to axle length of a compound bow is longer, it can take longer shoots easily.  So, it all depends upon your preferences!

  • Draw weight:

Draw weight is another most important thing to consider; after all you yourself have to carry your compound bow. It is not like that you are not strong enough to carry more weight! It is all about developing your muscles to bear it. So, it’s not a good idea to choose a compound bow randomly without figuring out the draw weight that suits you.  

However, there is no magical formula to determine draw weight. Just start with low pounds in the beginning and develop your bow-shooting muscles. More you use your muscles more draw weight you can handle and more accurately you can shoot as the compound bows with higher draw weight tend to give more accurate and farther shoots.

  • Speed of a Compound Bow:

Speed of the arrow of your compound bow is also an important constraint of Archery. If arrow is faster, pray will not get enough time to run and you can enjoy hunting well. Speed is also significant because it translates to knock-down power and decides the penetration potential of your arrow. Speed also makes your compound bow a best compound bow, giving it downrange accuracy which comes if arrow has higher velocity.

  • Noise and vibration:

The other important factors for archers are noise and vibration. When you shoot from a bow, the energy stored in its working components transfers to the arrow but if your compound bow makes noise then some part of that energy will lost as vibration, making your shot less accurate.  So, it is better to go for a compound bow that does not make noise at all or makes minimum.

An innovative technology in the form of Vibration Dampeners is also introduced now; they have the ability to absorb vibrations letting you make a quiet shot.

  • Let off:

Let off is what that makes you shoot easily with your best compound bow. It is calculated as the percentage of maximum weight that is held at full draw length. For example if draw weight of your compound bow is 70lbs then there will be let off of 75% and your will need to pull 17 pounds to keep the bowstring at full draw.

However, higher and lower let off both have its benefits.  Lower the let off more will be the speed of your arrow and higher let off lets you to hold the bow for longer time at full draw so that you can take time to aim. Now, it is upto you that what you want to have! Higher let off is useful in hunting where you need time to shoot.

  • Brace height:

One other factor worth considering in search of a best compound bow is brace height. It is the distance between bowstring and grip of the shooter. Compound bows having shorter brace height (but more than 6.5) tend to store more energy and thus give an increase velocity to the arrow. For beginners, 7 inches brace height is suitable.

  • Bare or ready to use compound bow!

If you are new to archery then it is important for you to understand the difference in Ready to use and bare compound bow. A ready to use bow comes in package with all the required accessories like sight, arrow rest, and quiver etc. so that you can take a start in archery immediately. However, a bare bow takes your extra money and time to complete all the accessories.  Hence, it is better to go for a compound bow that you can get with package, after all your time is precious and your money has value.  

  • Budget:

Lastly, budget is the main thing while choosing a best compound bow. Different types of compound bows are available for all budgets. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that the prices of compound bows are little bit higher as compare to other industries as all elements like latest technology, complex design and usage of high performance material are factored in the price of a compound bow. And at last, higher the price, more advanced is your compound bow! (if your budget is limited, learn more about cheap compound bows)

Till now, you have taken basic concept of all the factors that can certainly help you to buy a best compound bow ever.

But still I am not leaving you alone to choose a compound bow that can best fit you! A brief overview of some brands that claim to offer best compound bow is given here.  Move further below or compound bow reviews my  to make your selection easier.

Final Thought!

The coolest part of bow hunting is that a machine and your muscles work in harmony, how personal the sport is! And a personal game certainly deserves the best equipment and I believe that going through this article you have developed an idea to choose that which compound bow can do best for your passion of Archery. It’s your turn now! Go to the market directly or order online for a best compound bow as you have the required knowledge for this now.